The Spanish Revolution 2.0 is here

mayo 19, 2011 at 3:37 pm 1 comentario

After last Sunday’s (15th May) demonstrations in more than 50 cities across Spain, people have started to take spontaneously the main squares of many cities on what is known as the “15M movement”. The biggest concentration is in Puerta del Sol (Madrid’s Trafalgar Square) were police crashed with protesters at 5:00am last Monday… Only to make it grow bigger! Tuesday saw 3000+ of us (as estimated by the police, real figure probably higher) concentrating there, and yesterday we were even more. And that’s only in Madrid, concentrations elsewhere are growing by the hour.

The organisation is amazing. Now Sol has its own kitchen, water supply, press room, sickbay, nursery, art workshop, rubbish collection, space for debate, etc. People bring and share all sorts of supplies (food, medicines, materials to build stuff… ) with the volunteer-based organisation. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are given away at certain hours. Due to the high concentration of people, “roads” have been created with tape; outside them, resting areas are covered with cardboards. Alcohol is prohibited past a certain hour, as it’d be an excuse for the police to take on us… although I wonder how they can crush such a crowd!

And this is only the beginning.

[Click on image for more pictures]

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M-65 #indignados: People have the power

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